Wisdom From My

Higher Self



A Perspective of Soul




   Many people believe that they possess a soul that lives somewhere deep inside of their body which is not manifest and is spiritual. There is however much more to the picture that leaves people confused about themselves - even if they have been able to view what is normally hidden to most. This confusion can be founded in the genuine lack of knowledge about who we are, why we are here, and what we have intended to do. But none of these questions can adequately be addressed without the knowledge and perspective of the soul.

   To most of us who contemplate these issues, we often believe that the soul is something we possess that has been created by our Creator that gives us life. While there is truth to this, it cannot adequately explain many questions such as what happens when we die, does it matter what we believe, and what does it mean to live a good life anyway?


There is no real easy way to describe the soul perspective of life because it is much like trying to teach electronics to a dog - it is simply beyond its capability to understand. In man however there is something that is not found in an animal, and this is the ability to reason - and because of this capability to reason, man can eventually grasp a soul perspective, as he gradually develops his ability and improves upon what he formerly was incapable of. We understand this process because we call this, "education" in a formal sense, but education of one's own soul self takes on a completely whole new meaning that is beyond the starting point of education.

In order to address the questions of soul I will describe myself in a way that most people rarely consider, and in doing so, bring into the open the relevant issues that are perplexing and difficult to reason through. Let us begin. My name is Emmanuel, but this is only my present birth name. If I were to examine myself by my name I would begin by taking into account where I came from - my origins, and why I was named the way I was. To most people their origins are in their family - the traditions, and the roots of their heritage. From a soul perspective this is also true - yet we all have a common origin.

For those who are familiar with family names, it may be readily apparent that I come from Polish or Ukrainian descent. But what nationality is my soul? Does my nationality in this world have any meaning in this respect? Is there a soul hierarchy based upon national origins, or noble descent and lineage? While many would hope not - if it means they were forced to live on the bottom of the totem pole - what is the answer to the question of, what race is my soul?


What about my given names? Do they have any relation to my soul-self? Does my soul answer to the name, Emmanuel? Or is this just something that my parents came up with to suit the occasion? As many may surmise, I grew up with a family that had biblical based beliefs. But why is this important? In the case of my life it helped to provide a foundation upon which the mind could be built upon, to grow into higher reality. The fundamentals help to nourish the mind and provide the framework into which it can develop a greater perspective of soul by building upon basic symbols of life and reality. But how does this relate to who I truly am?

Our soul self is an intelligent Being of Light,

our source of being manifested itself in this world at birth by uniting with our body-vessel.

This union makes everyone special, everyone important, everyone here for a reason.

Some readers may wonder why haven't they heard about this before, why it isn't mentioned in their scriptures, or why people don't know about it in this way. But it is known about in scriptures - and particularly by those who have experienced it before. Many of those who experience their Being of Light are in awe of its magnificence, and they are forever changed, but this should not be surprising, since they have usually died to have this experience, and are returned to this realm by what we call near-death. Those who have this experiences are most often unprepared for it, and so they believe they are witnessing someone such as they would imagine to be an enlightened soul - Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, Moses, Joshua, an angel, etc.

In scriptures it is known about, but the problem is not understanding what the scriptures say - even by those who think they know, and teach others. The body, mind, and spirit is what the scriptures tell us about ourselves. Sometimes this is called body, soul and spirit. And this is true - that we are a threefold vessel, but the soul-self, Being of Light that I refer to is not of our lower body.

People are easily confused because they forget what they are looking at. The scriptures are intended to reveal our nature by giving us a perspective of soul. This perspective does not begin with the mind or soul of our lower body vessel (who we think we are), but we must consider this threefold pattern as an explanation of a greater reality of both soul-self and spirit. Thus we cannot get a right view until we are able to look out at things from the perspective of our soul-self, Being of Light, first, and then move on to higher things, like our Spiritual body (which is not the same as the spirit in our lower vessel), and ultimately our Creator.

For those who are familiar with the Christian Bible, these things are explained within the allegory of the prodigal son, who represents the being that we are, and who has come to this land of the "far country" and has fallen in under the citizen, until we are ready to begin our journey back to our Father. To illustrate this meaning I am going to give some personal accounts that most may be surprised by.


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In the 1800's many Native Indians were spiritually advanced souls, who entered into life in order to prevent their extermination by the unrestrained white man. As an indigenous spiritual people who were on a mission from On High, the life that they lived and why it was important from a cosmic vibratory frequency could be imagined by few. Click the icon to read the account of the life that I lived as an Indian wise woman.

During colonial America I lived as one of the Founding Fathers who played an instrumental role in contributing to the instigating factors that came to be known as the American Revolution. Find out why the violence of the Revolution was necessary in order to preserve and give people spiritual freedoms that have been taken for granted by many of its present day citizens. The Founding Fathers understand that in order to have spiritual freedom man could not be ruled over by governments of this world, and separation of church and state is essential to allow people to build upon a spiritual foundation leading to higher reality.

During the time of Yeshua/Jesus I lived as scribe to Jacob, whom you call James, brother of Yeshua. The first century was a period in time where many advanced souls entered into the earth realm so that they could help Yeshua/Jesus complete his journey in this realm, and perfect the pattern by showing us the completion of TheWay. As our elder brother he is waiting for us to to return to the Father with him, and so the disciples were sent out in order to prepare the way for his coming once again.

As an Ebionite I lived among a community of spiritually advanced souls that sought to fulfill the spiritual meaning of the law with every word, thought, deed and desire, in total dedication of their life to God. Click the picture to find out why this most spiritual group of seekers had to be killed and replaced by the shadow church of this world, under Constantine, in order for the Truth to be hidden away, and finally revealed today.

In the middle ages, I lived a life as a friend to Father Francis, who himself was an enlightened soul, and able to commune with nature as well as being poor to the ways of this world. While Francis was in the Church, he initiated a movement that was in accord with the true teachings of the Master - True Alchemical Transformation - something that the Church itself would have opposed by virtue of its covenant with Constantine and the corruption of institutions of this world. Click the picture to find out more.