The Poor Ones




 A Perspective of Soul



I could hear the sound of the ocean before me as I sat on the beach. I was alone this morning, listening to the sounds of tranquility as I meditated on the coming days. Unlike some of my previous meditations where I had moved into the presence of my higher being, this meditation was more of a reflection upon what the future was to bring, and how to prepare for it.

By the Roman Calendar, it was the 4th Century, but that was merely a method of measuring time by the people's of the world. For myself, and others like me, time moved at a much different pace. I was part of a group of people known as the Ebionites - poor ones - and the community that I lived in was nearby.


When I had finished my meditation this particular morning I got up and began to walk back to the community. Although it was a distance away, I was able to return by about mid morning. There was a bustle of activity going on in the community - the usual routines - work being done outside, or in the fields, but there was also an additional commotion going on this morning. I asked one of the nearby children in passing by me, what was going on? I was told that there was a meeting taking place this morning at the community hall. So continuing on, I made my way to the building that I had helped to build.



As I entered the hall, I saw the faces of the community leaders I had known growing up. I walked into the middle of a discussion about concerns from members of the community. Some of its members were having visions about the coming future - a future of impending destruction. The leaders had gathered together to determine what should be done about these matters, and also to decide what might be best to tell the rest of the community.


Fortunately, the elders were already aware of the dangers and had been working to prepare the people so that in the future, their consciousness would be open to be able to drawn upon their present day experiences and re-manifest the traits they had presently prepared themselves to be able to do into that future life. As I stood there listening to the comments and explanations of the elders, I was reminded of something that had been revealed to me - because I was one too who had visions.


Sometimes my visions showed me of wars - great wars, or little ones, other times they would reveal things to me - show me about a path that could be taken that led to the light -- to protect me, or others with me, from harm's way. This time I was reminded of a vision I had where the one who is called Yeshua would come - to help the people here through a difficult transition.

I had not been too surprised by my revelation because Yeshua had visited our community on a number of occasions. He was able to re-manifest into our realm because of the way the community had been able to embrace the teachings that he had proved as the way to life. I remember times when I had been able to be in his presence even as a child - and the experience of a wholeness that is unable to be described in words alone.


Few others knew of Yeshua's coming during this difficult time, and it was to be kept that way for certain reasons. But why was it even important that Yeshua was present to begin with? What did this mean? It meant that people have no basis of reference for their belief in someone that they do not know how to know him. Yeshua - and what the Christ represents is more than just a person. He was a vehicle or a vessel through which acted the Mind of God -- the same potential that each of us has. And what the Ebionites did was live their lives in such a fashion so as to re-manifest that Mind amongst their members. This is why they had to die - because this realm of existence cannot sustain the Light - the people must manifest the Light from within themselves.



What the Ebionites did - when they had been sufficiently warned of their own destruction - was to prepare. They did this in ways far beyond what most could conceive of. First, a written record was established to be hidden away amongst several nearby communities, who were sympathetic to the Ebionites -- to ensure that a written record would resurface when needed in the future. This was aided by other Gnostic and spiritually friendly communities, it provided a cross framework to ensure the success of these efforts - because of the number of souls involved. What this resulted in was the burying of several libraries of scriptures. The Nag Hammadi Library represents one (1) of these, but there are others.

Second, people were prepared by creating potential future scenarios - literally embedding a programming into the future lives of those people who would be keys to unveiling the hidden mysteries - of which the written text records were a part. The meaning of this is so completely profound that it should boggle the mind. What this suggests is that these people had the ability and foresight to imbue thought patterns and form into a person so deeply that it would physically manifest as certain conditions or requirements were met.

Third, because these requirements could not be met within a lifetime, it was necessary for those same souls who imparted this depth into a soul's psyche (so to speak) to be a part of those conditions that would re-manifest the program that had been previously imparted. This was done by different methods depending upon what was required. On a small scale - it could be some object that had been previously possessed. On a large scale - re-enacting with previously known souls acted as triggers to revitalize the mind.


What this means is that some planning and preparation went into the creation of movements that have shaped the face of this world for the last 1700 years, and as a result of these movements, the preconditions for re-establishing what was lost has been manifesting itself in preparation for the present time. For most people this is too much to take in - and hardly seems possible. Yet, not only did these things happen, but there is more - some of which simply is beyond words to describe.

What the Ebionities did, how they lived their lives, was in total consecration to the Most High - what most people refer to as "God." Each of their lives was constructed through the work that they lived day by day. Their thinking was quite foreign to how those in modern day think. Life consisted of everyone playing their role and fulfilling what was required of them via spirit. They were able to not only see into the spirit, but physically manifest that spirit to create genuine growth and light. Their community was segregated because they knew the principle of separation in order to preserve sacredness. Yet at times there were members of the community who would go out and travel to other communities in order to manifest and interact with others who helped to strengthen the soul.


It was understood that people were to know about life through learning about the spirit that dwelt within them, and they were taught from a young age to seek the inner realms in order to pursue life. This form of teaching was unique because it meant that in a group, an elder guided others through the inner reflections expressed from the experiences that each person shared with the group- the elder expounded upon the meaning and this helped to encourage the members to generate genuine desire for the spiritual from within.

Also, it was understood that there were different levels that people were at in their spiritual journey. An elder was selected at the time of birth (or as a young child) because of the insights that the people who were able to look beyond this world and know of the nature of the soul that dwelt within that body. Elders were not married because there were expected to have had worked that aspect of their lower nature so that they were inwardly married to their higher self- therefore they were seen as celibate, and marriage wasn't necessary for them.

The Elders kept the people segregated in a way that allowed for the flow of energy within the community to create life. Even though everyone who was a part of the community was accepted as having an important part to contribute based upon their gender and other roles as manifest physically, there was also spiritual recognition of the differences between what would promote life - such as the marriage of souls who had been together for lifetimes - and what would result in the destruction of the divine pattern and ultimately the sacredness of life. Such destruction was not permitted to exist in the community by virtue of the prevailing attitudes and mindset of the people- and in doing so, they became blessed.


As a people, they were peaceful and far ahead of the world in terms of who did what, and the roles that would often come into play, such as gender. Although there was an equality present in gender for example, this was recognized as the genders as not being the same. And anyone who violated these respected positions were not permitted to remain as a part of the community- these people would have to leave and go elsewhere to live.

Likewise, for those few from outside who were able to make the transition in mind to the spiritual level that the community existed within, were invited to enter the community to further their own progress and soul development. As a rule however, few were able to accomplish this.