Scribe to Ya'kov/Jacob,

 Brother of Yeshua/Jesus






  A Perspective of Soul 



In reading through these lives a person may have asked themselves the question, why is this important, and how can I know that this information has anything to do with the standard that I am measured by? In order to answer this question we are going to have to go back several thousand years, past many lives lived since then, to the time of Yeshua/Jesus. It was during this life that many answers can be found, because quite simply, God is in control of everything that occurs, and we stand where we are now because of the past - the past knowledge and lives we have accumulated brings us to where we live now, and what we do now, will determine our future, and future lives. This is the soul perspective.


You may call me Yo'el (Joel).  I did not know my parents in this life because I was raised in an orphanage. This orphanage was cared for by Ya'kov, whom you call James, brother of Yeshua/Jesus. As he lived and worked there, he would often be visited by the soul of Yeshua, whom you call Jesus, while Yeshua was still a young boy. They would talk about many things, and afterwards Yeshua would spend time with the children of the orphanage before departing on his way.



In time, as I grew, I eventually learned to read and write, and I helped Ya'kov, whom I considered to be my father, in the work that he pursued. He was a very righteous man, as has been recorded in history, and he learned from the master, Yeshua, how to become his soul-self, manifest in the flesh, which is the mission that we all have to accomplish. He did this with the help of his wife, who had been born in the Essene community, where she had known Yeshua because it was there that they grew up. In fact, it was Yeshua who had introduced his future wife to Ya'kov when she was still young.

The Essenes were a very spiritual and segregated people who would have nothing to do with Temple worship, or animal sacrifice, in fact, they were vegetarians like Yeshua himself. It is important to understand why Yeshua was born amongst these people, which was because they had prepared for his coming. The name Essene means "healer" and these people raised up a spiritual healer for the world to embrace or reject.

Although there was some correspondence between the Essenes and the people around Ya'kov, such as myself, most of our activities were initially centered in and around Yahrusalem (Jerusalem). Through his own spiritual visions and soul-self perspective, Ya'kov wrote a set of scriptures unlike what had previously been seen. You do not know of these scriptures because they were closely guarded and kept reserved for those who were worthy to receive them. It is these scriptures that the present day versions of the bible have been based upon, although what exists at present is a mere shadow of what had been written. These scriptures were very much aligned with the soul perspective because they were written in the Hebrew characters of the soul.




As a scribe to Ya'kov, I was charged with writing and communicating with the people around us, and I had even copied from this same set of Hebrew characters for the select few people. It is important to understand that these Hebrew characters are not the language of the Jews today - not only were there no vowels in these characters, but the scriptures could be read one way by some people and another way be others - each according to their own understanding. Many things that we were doing was greatly opposed by the Pharisaic and Sadducean leaders of the time. They did not comprehend what we were doing, and we were condemned as committing heresy towards God. But it was the Pharisees themselves who were sinning by keeping the people ignorant of their soul-self. The knowledge that they possessed was being hoarded and kept from the good of the people.

It should be noted that scriptures are not historical. When they speak of Pharisees they are referring to the same Pharisees of our day that ignorantly attempt to teach the people the illusions of this world as truth. By looking to the kingdom to come in this world - something that Yeshua taught would never happen (Luke 17:20-21) - they isolate people from their true self by promoting the literal aspects of the word only, and deny the threefold self, body, mind and spirit.


The scriptures are a way of helping a person to grow their mind - their spiritual practice - so that they may complete the commandment of God to be perfect (Matt 5:48). And since perfection must begin with the soul perspective, a person can only know as much as they have experienced - the more pure the scripture, the greater the knowledge that is provided about the soul-self, which will lead a person to God.


The most pure scriptures are found in the inner temple - the Holy Place, and they are reflected and can be read and seen in the outer world when one learns how to read them. On a simple scale, some of these commandments or laws of the scriptures could be stated as, "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you, and don't do unto others as you wouldn't have done to you," "Honor the promise of your father and mother, for what is done on earth is worshipped in the heavens, and you will find the spirit that leads you to the light of the etheric waters of life," "Do not kill, nor defile your body with flesh and blood, for the one who partakes of defilement desires to kill his soul," "Know that God is Light and Love, and possess the mysteries of the heart of the matter, know that your creation is in the likeness of the Heavenly Father and Earthly Mother, keep the sacred knowledge strong by shedding your inner light for others and raise your children so that they are able to see the Light and show you how to express the love of the Parent, even as Father-Mother God sheds His lessons in love on you," and other such commandments which can also be found in the Sermon on the Mount.

When the Jewish leaders heard that we were saying that animal sacrifice and temple worship was not necessary, and other ritualistic measures, they were greatly offended. But what we were stating was that a person must come to know the source of all things and ritual can inhibit this process. This is the paradoxical nature of Truth, it has structure, but is also open to receive. When a person is subject to the various obstacles such as addictions that prevent them from functioning at a greater capacity, ritual can provide a structural foundation to beat and overcome the obstacle. But when that foundation becomes an integral part of being, then the ritual becomes a crutch for the healthy one attempting to walk.

The same is true with scriptures - and this is why the Jewish leaders were extremely offended at the writings of these scriptures of Ya'kov - because it exposed their rituals as meaningless for the healthy ones. These leaders felt that the scriptures were an attempt to replace or supersede the Torah and they felt such actions were arrogant on the part of the followers of Yeshua. They felt that it was a slight against them by stating that the Torah was not complete, after all, it had been given to them by Moses. Yeshua stated their father was the devil, because as previously discussed, the scriptures are not historical, and they do not speak of an historical Moses - only an allegorical one - who is given the law to lead the Israelites within ourselves into the promised land.

What the Jewish leaders failed to acknowledge was the source of the scriptures, and this indwelling source that possesses more knowledge than can be contained in a book. This is the soul perspective - to come to intimately know that indwelling source of light.

The temple was the basis of Jewish self-assurance, and it was destroyed to cease their adherence to the sacrificial traditions. This barrier remains to this day, and will continue to remain until the men and women come to see the wisdom of possessing the knowledge that comes from the Temple made without hands - the inner Temple of Light.

When you pray, visualize the Light of God entering into and filling your body, purifying and cleansing you, let your self be known as you speak your thoughts to the Light of God, and turn yourself inward to open the inner door leading to the Light. As you give you will receive. To complain about what has been granted for your good is to judge God with your thoughts and actions, as if He is incapable of knowing what He must do to demonstrate His love for you. Love God with all your being, in word, thought, and deed, and know that with your desires you are able to partake of His love for you. Let your prayers to God be unending throughout your life. He is One God, and in Oneness you will find Him.

There is a great rift in understanding life from a higher reality and that of the lower machinations of the mind. Unless a person is going to begin to go through the transformation of the body and developments of the mind that parallels the physical birth and growth process, a person remains a spiritual infant and dwells under the illusion that because their physical body ages, so too must it mean that they are mentally developed - when instead they have just barely begun to accomplish what Yeshua/Jesus referred to when he said in his teachings to be "born again. "


The soul perspective tells us that to accomplish what Yeshua/Jesus did we must progress through small steps along the way- that each level of achievement and progression throughout the many lives of our soul enables us to grow in spirit and power, so that we are able to fulfill our destiny - to be Son of God. Yeshua worked through his disciples in order to fulfill all the prophecies of the scriptures in the final stage of his journey during his life 2000 years ago. When Yeshua helped Jacob to attain to the level of his soul-self - that is, to manifest the perspective of the soul that I have been referring to in the flesh, Jacob was able to write what would today be called the source of the New Testament Gospels in the language of the soul, which is as I referred to above, in Hebrew Characters. Beyond what most people could even conceive of, because of these soul's intimate understanding of the Laws of God, the scriptures were written before the crucifixion! Since I lived as Jacob's scribe I was able to learn the Hebrew characters and in time, in successive lives, I was able to live more spiritually advanced lives of higher vision, such as the one that I will discuss next.